Galway’s Land National Park – A Bird Watcher’s Paradise

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Amongst the mist laden mountain range in Nuwara Eliya which is Sri Lanka’s own ‘Little England’, one finds the Galway’s Land National Park. It is a small but important national park that is home to some rare species of flora and fauna and is a paradise for bird watching too. Sprawling across some 57 hectares of land shared by thick shrubs and plant undergrowth beneath taller trees with the mist infusing to fill any vacant space with a white profusion, the park is an alluring vision throughout year; this is one part of Sri Lanka that is blessed with a cool climate most of the year, excepting April where the glance of the sun is more frequent and bright.

The park was initially considered a wildlife sanctuary as far back as in 1938 and was later projected to the higher status of a National Park in 2006. Being more than just a pretty sight for nature lovers, the park was declared to contain and preserve the montane ecosystem. With such a soothing combination of weather and profuse greenery, it is no wonder that birds, both natives and foreign, have made this a frequent dwelling place, if not permanently. Indeed it appears that the park is the dwelling place of some 20 kinds of very rare migrant birds while about 30 groups of natives have made their home here much to the delight of bird enthusiasts.

While it is a paradise for rare birds, the abundance of thickly grown plants and shrubs hide in their depths some rare treasures of flora amongst them that would thrill a botanical expert. Bird watchers need to prepare to spend some time in this amazing landscape so that they can listen to the uncommon bird calls of the rare visitors and then catch the sight of the Indian blue robin or the Pied thrush against the backdrop of the heavy undergrowth or better still such highland dwellers as the dull blue flycatcher or the yellow eared Bulbul.

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