Striking Features of Ruby on Rails and why you should choose it

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Ruby on Rails has been out in the web development market for quite a long time, but recently its popularity has become considerably high. This open-source web application framework is optimized to ensure programmer delight and sustainable productivity. Ruby on Rails lays stress on convention rather than configuration and hence beautiful codes can be written with great efficiency. The striking features of this framework go a long way in enhancing developer productivity. In this article we will discuss some of the major features of Ruby on Rails before we understand why it has become a preferred choice.

Prime features of Ruby on Rails

  • MVC architecture: This framework is founded upon the Model View Controller or MVC architecture which facilitates separation of presentation from data.
  • Database Access Library: There is a data access library (known as Active Record) associated with Ruby on Rails that simplifies the process of data handling within databases. Automatic mapping of rows to objects and tables to classes is possible with Active Record.
  • Libraries to facilitate common tasks: This web application framework has an array of libraries which help in code simplification in case of regular programming tasks like sessions management, validations and so on.
  • AJAX Library: The Rails framework comes with a comprehensive AJAX functions library. Ruby code can be conveniently leveraged for generation of AJAX code, as there is automatic generation of the associated JAVA scripting needed for AJAX.
  • Convention rather than configuration: No XML configuration files are associated with Ruby on Rails. Uncomplicated programming conventions are present which can be used to denote the configuration parameters.
  • Customized URL: Search Engine Friendly or Custom URLs are convenient to design utilizing the Ruby on Rails web application framework.
  • Debugging: Comprehensive error logs are obtained, which makes it more convenient to debug applications.
  • Components: With the aid of components, reusable codes can be stored and templates can also be modularized.

Reasons for Considering Ruby on Rails

  • The Ruby language itself: The language is quite impressive and incorporates some of the notable aspects of dynamic languages as well as static languages blended across an object-oriented paradigm.
  • Code-oriented data model: In case of Ruby on Rails, data model is defined with the help of code. Once the preliminary data model is prepared, any kind of changes to the same is done through scripts that operate the model. This implies that it is a trivial task to reproduce a Rails project on a different server or even aim it against a different database.
  • Well documented: This web application framework is very well documented. There are a number of free or paid video tutorials that can be accessed through the web. These tutorials are most of the times very good in terms of quality and also highly interesting.
  • Swift development model: Convention is what drives the development model of Ruby on Rails. This means that once you are thorough with the way Rail works, it will do most of the tough job on your behalf. This is applicable for a range of development tasks which can be completed swiftly.
  • Direct Access to CSS, JavaScript and HTML: Through Ruby on Rails you get complete control over your code’s presentation layer. This means that you can easily associate the application’s logic with AJAX’s front ends. This allows you to work in co-ordination with design experts, in order to come up with brilliant sites which are hard to develop in systems that are less flexible.
  • Tool options: The comparative simplicity of this framework implies that there are a great many quality IDEs available for Rails development. Moreover, the Rails system comprises outstanding tools that cater to a number of needs and many of these are open source or free. Ruby on Rails is indeed a great option if you wish to operate within an ecosystem that provides high class tools support.

This web application framework is the perfect choice for those who think in terms of codes and prefers to work with scripts. Those who have worked with Ruby on Rails will indeed vote for this framework.

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