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Li Ka-Shing, the richest man in Asia. How he made it?

Here we discuss all the facts that are not common to public. The hidden facts and secrets that brought to the making of this tycoon.

1. Li Ka-Shing left out from school at the age of 15 and started to work. He worked 16 hours a day, which is twice of the normal working hours.

2. No matter what time Li Ka-Shing go to bed, he will wake up at 5.59 every morning.

3. The first 30 minutes of the day is allocated totally for himself, in playing golf. As he said, doing business is like playing golf, even that the first all you played is not good, what you have to do is to stay calm and to do it better for the second shot. Business always has it ups and downs, of course.

4. One of the affirmation Li Ka-Shing made in his early life is the day when his father is dying on the bed. One day before his father passed away, his father turned to Li Ka-Shing and Li Ka-Shing, still a teenager that time, told and promised his father that ‘the whole of our family will have a good life’. And obviously, he made it.

5. His childhood education are all from the books that he bought second handedly from the teaching materials from teacher and exchanging the read books with another books.

6. One thing that he realized at the early age of 20s is that he is pretty arrogant in heart although he appeared to be humble externally. He know with this attitude, he won’t go far. So the very first thing that he have eliminate is this feeling of arrogant. Learn no matter it is small or big. Everyone is your teacher.

7. Hard work. Devotion to work. To be truly interested in your work. Li Ka-Shing explained what contributed to his success. And I believe that this rule apply to anyone who want to success.

8. One question that always associate with money is happiness. So people asked Li Ka-Shing whether he is happy. He has this thought at around 1957 and 1958, where he first make a lot of money. Does money really bring to happiness? Not necessarily, he thought. What contributes to happiness is that he should make money and use it when opportunity comes. Only like this makes all the meaning.

9. Li Ka-Shing share the thought with the public on life too. He said,’ When you think that life is but a short journey, you’ll hope to make the most of the time when you’re still able to work to sow good seeds in the world. This is worth doing’.

10. His love and passion to his own nation often is the motto of his success. He often contribute back to his country. What he think is, ‘ The future may be make up of many factors but where it truly lies is the hearts and minds of a man. Your dedication should not be confined to your own gain but unleashes passion to our beloved country as well as the integrity and humanity of the mankind.

11. Grab the knowledge. A phrase often used by Li Ka-Shing. He said that knowledge and education is the most important aspects for success and for building a nation.

12. When Li Ka-Shing was 12, he already felt that he was 20. He understand life early, through hard way.

The post to be continued. Next post will be discussing the compilation of his thoughts he share with public that lead to his success.


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